To register for a course, call us first at 604-886-2214 so we can discuss your particular interests and make sure we fit you into the right course. We try to group people with similar experience levels and needs. You then send us a check for the course fee, or at least a 50% deposit, no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop or you can call us to give us your credit card info. No space can be guaranteed until we receive your course fee or deposit.

The cost of each of the five day courses taught at our studio is currently $995 for the entire week if we get your check 30 days or more in advance ($1,250 for last minute registration). The course fee includes the 9AM to 5PM instruction each day, and use of the studio after class some evenings from 7:30PM till 9:30PM, and use of the scanners and printers in the lab. There will be a certain number of free prints allowed on each printer included in the course, over that amount there will be a small charge to cover our material and maintenance costs.

You can cancel up to 30 calender days before the course begins and get a refund of your money minus a $75 cancellation fee. If you cancel within 30 days of the course start date, for any reason, your 50% deposit is non refundable. If you are unable to make the course due to a last minute emergency of any type, you are allowed to substitute another person in your place or we will apply your entire course deposit to another course at a future date dependent on availability. Since we need at least 3 people to make it worthwhile to run a workshop and since people have to make air reservations in advance, last minute cancelations are a problem for us and for the other students in the class, especially if there are only 3 people enrolled.

If we have to cancel a course for any reason, your entire fee will be refunded, but we will not be responsible for any losses you incur due to non-refundable airline, car or hotel reservations, or any other reason. Our space is very limited and the only way we can afford to have such a small instructor-student ratio is to assure a certain level of attendance any time we run a class.

Our Workshop Discount Policy:

If you bring a friend to a workshop, each of you get a 15% discount. If you have taken a previous workshop from us, you get a 15% discount when you take another workshop. If you want to take the same workshop over again, you can do so at 50% discount but this is on a space available situation, which means you are not guaranteed a position until 29 or fewer days before the workshop. For a guaranteed slot to retake the workshop, just the 15% discount applies. Also, if you sign up for two workshops at the same time you get a 15% discount on each workshop. Only one discount per person can be applied to any one workshop.

The Classroom

Instruction is usually from 9 to 5, then the studio is open on some evenings, from 7:30 until 9:30 p.m. for students to work on their own projects. It is important that you bring your own projects to work on after class since this will allow you to crystallize what you have learned during the day. The Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers class has no evening lab time.

The studio is equipped with a scanner for both film (Polaroid Sprintscan 120 for 35mm & 120) and flat art (Epson Perfection Photo), four Epson Ultrachrome ink jet printers (Epson 7600, 4000, 2200 or 2400). The studio has a 5000K Soft-View print and slide viewing box as well as 5000k transparency viewers and track lighting of various color temperatures for viewing art prints.

You need to bring your own G5 or Intel Processor Mac or PC portable to use during the workshop. Bringing your own computer allows you to get it set up during the workshop with Barry's latest Artistkeys, short-cuts, color correction actions and other preference settings. If you are driving here from your home, you can also bring a desktop computer and whatever monitor you usually use. Please bring your monitor calibration software and calibrator as you may need to recalibrate your monitor after travel. If you have never calibrated your monitor, Barry has calibration tools for Mac software. Please talk to Barry about the equipment you plan to bring at 604-886-2214.

Travel Overview

Gibsons B.C., Canada:

Our location is in Gibsons, B.C., in Canada's "Sunshine Coast" north of Vancouver. See Barry's pictures of the Sunshine Coast by browsing various gallerys from his home page on this web site. See for more info about this great area.

If you are considering taking a workshop in Gibsons, B.C., here is some preliminary info about Gibsons. Gibsons is just north of Vancouver B.C. on the "Sunshine Coast" a resort area of Canada that has the best weather in Canada. The Sunshine Coast area is known for sea kayaking, scuba diving, hiking and mountain biking as well as great scenery for photographers. To get to Gibsons from Vancouver the easiest way is to rent a car then drive west on trans-Canada route 1 to Horseshoe Bay just north of Vancouver. There you get the Langdale ferry which is a 40 minute ferry ride to the sunshine coast. Gibsons is just 3 miles from the ferry terminal. There is also seaplane service from Vancouver airport to Sechelt where you can take a 20 minute bus ride to Gibsons. The seaplane cost is $95.00 + $15.00 Cab ride to seaplane service. You can also get to Gibsons from the Vancouver airport by bus for a cost of less than $20. Then you don't need to rent a car. More info about that later on this page in the More Travel Info section.

Lodging (from cheaper to more expensive):

Places to stay within walking distance are: Wynken Blynken & Nod Hostel. A close by friend, Dhyana Bartkow, has reasonable accomodations described at, e-mail at and phone at 604-886-9737.

The neighbors across the street from our studio have a suite that they rent out for $100 (canadian) a night in the summer. Cheaper at other times of year. Their names are David and Inger, site at and phone at 604-886-2877.

The Sunny Crest Motel at 835 Gibsons way, 604-886-2419,, is 4 blocks up the street from our studio.

A Warehouse Hideaway B&B is a great artist hangout within walking distance. The Maritimer B&B is awsome, has great food and less than a block away at

For an amazing cottage by the ocean with views, hot tub and a great beach to walk on, (3 mile drive from our studio) talk to Daryl at

See or for more info on Gibsons and for accommodation info. I'd stick to the places that have Gibsons addresses if you want things that are close by.

Hopefully this info and these web links will give you what you need to know. Let us know if you have further questions, We'll be adding info to the web site soon. Here is another useful link: To get a tour of local artists studios and galleries in Gibsons, check Cindy who does the tours is a friend and a really great person; you may also be able to arrange for her to pick you up at the Airport for a quite reasonable fee.

More Travel Info

When you get to Vancouver, you need to go to the horseshoe bay ferry terminal and take the ferry to Langdale. This needs to be done the day before the workshop and make sure you get there well ahead of the ferry departure time. The ferry generally departs every two hours from Horseshoe bay to Langdale. The normal scheduled departure times are 7:20 AM, 9:20, 11:20, 1:20 PM, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20 and 9:20 PM. Ticket sales end 10 minutes before departure. It is best to get there earlier than that as some ferrys can get sold out, especially the 5:20, and one would have to wait for the next ferry.

When you get off the ferry after a 40 minute ride, turn left at the first light and follow Marine Drive the 3 kilometers into Gibsons. The speed is 50 kilometers/hour, about 30 miles/hour. When you get to the town of Gibsons (houses with a sidewalk and our "Spirit of Place" gallery on your right, other stores, a bank and the visitor info center to the right), the road you are on goes up a steep hill named School Road. Take the 2nd left up that hill on Sargent RD and we are at 547 Sargent, 2nd house on the right. This is any easy walk from the Gibsons waterfront area so if you are staying near the Gibsons marina, please walk to our studio if possible. If you are driving, try to park in the two parking areas on the right side of School road that are located in the first block going up the hill. Our local phone number is 604-886-2214 (1999 at the gallery) so please call us here if you have any questions.

It is also possible to take a bus from the vancouver airport to the downtown vancouver bus terminal where you can then get a bus to the horseshoe bay ferry terminal, take the Langdale ferry and from Langdale you can get a bus to downtown Gibsons. If you stay near the harbor at Gibsons landing, you will be able to walk to restaurants and our studio, where the workshops take place.

To get here on the bus:
1.Find an ATM machine in the airport and get some Canadian money, if you need it, with your bank card. Buy a newspaper or some candy so you can get $3.75 exactly in change. Having twice this amount isn't a bad idea. In the baggage pickup area at the airport, after you go through customs, you can get a FREE cart to put your bags on. If they are heavy, do this since to take the bus you have to walk a way.
2.Walk outside from the customs and baggage area and then across the street to where the shuttle buses are stopping. Turn to the right and continue walking following the signs to public transportation. Walk all the way to the end of this bus pickup sidewalk where you'll find a sign for the Airport Shuttle bus #424. This bus usually runs every 15 minutes and you'll need $3.75 Canadian in correct change.
3.When you get on the bus and pay, make sure you get a transfer to pay for your next bus.
4.Take this bus to a bus terminal area where you'll pick up the 98B line. Ask the bus driver or other people on the bus for help to show you where to get off and where to get the 98B. You'll get dropped off at Bay #4 and you want to walk over to Bay #1, on the corner of the main road. Make sure you get the 98B as there is another 98 line.
5.Take the 98B, using your transfer, and get off at Burrard street. This will be a longer ride so enjoy the scenery. If you have lots of bags, there are racks for bags at the front of the bus. This is a good place to sit so you can ask questions if you need to. Tell the bus driver you want to get the 250 or 257 bus to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and ask him to point out where you wait for that bus. The 98B will actually cross Burrard St. and stop 1/2 block further.
6.When you get out, you walk back to Burrard and turn right on Burrard and walk up 1/2 block. You'll see the bus signs for the 250 and 257. The 257 is an express bus but either one will get you there. The express is much quicker but check the schedule on the pole. Some times of day it's a long time till the next express comes and you're better off taking the local 250 line.
7.When you get on the 250 or 257, show the driver your transfer and it may get you all the way to Horseshoe Bay. It depends on how long since you got your first ticket. Be prepared to pay another $3.75, I've never had to though.
8. At the horseshoe bay ferry terminal, the bus lets you off right at the ticket booth. When you get your ticket to Langdale and the Sunshine Coast, explain to the agent that you haven't done this before and ask the agent to explain to you where to walk to get the correct ferry. You want the Langdale ferry not the one to Nanaimo. The fare is about $9.50 for walk-ons. This also pays for your return trip as they don't charge going the other way.
9.When you get off in Langdale (the first and only stop for this ferry), walk off the ferry and follow the others to the parking lot. There is a bus stop there and this bus, which costs about $2, will take you into "Lower Gibsons". Tell the bus driver the address of the lodging or B&B you are staying at and they will help you figure out the best place to get off. You should also discuss this with the folks where you are staying and get their advice about where to get off the bus.
10. Our studio is just two blocks from the main bus stop, and/or the Visitor Info center in Lower Gibsons. The Visitor Info center is right across the street from Molly's Reach, a famous Gibsons landmark, from "The Beachcombers" TV show, you'll see as you come into town on the bus. There are two pay phones in front of the Visitor Info center and in Canada pay phones still actually work! It is not assumed here that everyone has a cell phone. I don't have a cell by choice. People who can't afford one should still be able to make phone calls too. It's 25 cents for a local call.

You get lots of change in Canada because there are no one dollar bills. The one dollar copper coin is called a Looney cause it has a loone on it. The two dollar coin is a tooney. The other coins are very similar to US coins. If you need more Canadian cash by now, there is a BMO (Bank of Montreal) next to the Visitor Center. Within a block of the Visitor center one way or the other is Fongs Market, they have everything there, and good food at Molly's Reach*, Bay View Chinese*, Grandma's Pub*, Opa Japanese and Cajun*, Warfside*, and Leo's greek restaurant. The * indicates a great view of the Howe Sound and Gibsons Harbor too. Mike's Place has great coffee, morning papers, home-made gilotto and sandwhiches, popcorn and movies. Truffels next door has wonderful cookies and muffins and also great coffee and other goodies. Check my nicely framed and lit landscape prints in Sutton Realty upstairs on the corner across from the Visitor center. We love Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast!!! Welcome.

There are Taxi or Limo Services from the Airport to Horseshoe Bay (allow 1 hour travel time) Ranging from $65.00 to $95.00. There is the Airporter to Downtown Hotels $15.00 (allow half hour) then you still need to get to Horseshoe Bay - Via City Bus $3.75 (allow another hour + connection time). Also add in the Foot Passenger Ferry Fare, $9.50 per person, and the Bus into Gibsons is about $2.00 per person.

For more transit info, go to and then go to trip planning. Tell them where you are coming in and when and where you want to go. This will give you lots of useful information. People take public transportation in Canada and it works quite well here. We always use the bus when we go to and from the Vancouver airport. Why hassle with a car...and it helps the environment too!

Feel free to call us at 604-886-2214 or (1999 from 12-5) if you have other questions.

Hope to see you in Gibsons soon!

If you have any questions about the courses, please e-mail us.