Barry Haynes Photography Workshops
uotes From Previous Workshop Students
and Photoshop Artistry Readers

Comments About Barry's Workshops: Excellent. Like having Einstein help you with math homework in long division! Mike Creswell
There is an amazing amount of real, solid, useful information that will instantly make a positive impact on your Photoshop skills, your images, and your print quality.
Barry has an excellent way to make the whole group comfortable while explaining detailed techniques in a very clear manner, at the same time fielding all questions and addressing many variations. Ralph Widman
A perfect balance of the art and science of Photoshop Jon Cassel
I truly enjoyed this workshop experience. After 38 years of shooting film, processing, and printmaking with 35mm, medium and large format cameras, I see a new future without a darkroom. Images made during the workshop with previous transparencies and negatives I shot were superior to any work that I have produced with photo papers and chemicals. Barry is certainly a "Master" technician when it comes to Photoshop, photography , and computer products and an excellent teacher. Roy A. Sparks
Remarkable knowledge of subject matter—he wrote the book. Marlene Planck
Taking Barry's Digital Printmaking class was like drinking from a fire hose. Doug Kurata
Excellent,. Knowledgeable. Barry has years of experience and he brings that to the class. Jack Hardie
Barry is the best hands-on instructor I've ever had. His book reads like a good conversation and his teaching style is equvalent. He listens well. I liked almost everything about the workshop, especially the opportunity to watch him work on my images and also to help me as I worked on them. I would Absolutely recommend this workshop to others. Jon Veigel
I think Barry did an excellent job. The Printmaking for Photographers course really moved me up on the learning curve by the number of hours we were able to devote to Photoshop. Loved the total emersion. I would recommend this workshop to others with enthusiasm. Mike Greenberg
I would rate Barry as an Excellent instructor. He is a problem solver - trying variations to similar results, with the shortest & most efficient always a priority. I liked the personalized focus of the workshop: Small classes, long enough sessions, geared to photographers, not filter addicts. Dennis Hearne
Barry is excellent and has unexhaustible knowledge, patience, incredible trouble shooting ability. With so many directions to go within the application, and little knowledge to begin, the workshop helped me break through the confusion I arrived with. Aftr five days I feel like I've acquired a lot I can expand on, and I've been exposed to a vast area I can explore later. Aengus McGriffin
Barry was excellent because he has been through it all. Photographic training - computer experience with Apple and working knowledge because he is producing for himself. This makes a big difference. I liked the informality of the small group and the more personal attention. Warren Johnson
With the disk on the way, this is now a legitimate fan letter. Yours is by far the best of the Photoshop adjunct books... Wish I could come to your workshops. I continue to use your book to refresh basics.... We missed meeting in Camden, Maine. Kodak invited me as an artist-in-residence and suggested that I take your Phshp offering. I was using an Amiga at the time. Had a one person show at the Neikrug with some of those images. Am really a photojournalist (past stringer for Life, People, Time, etc.) ... Look forward to many of your future books. Judith Gefter
A few credentials: Life member of ASMP, listed in 15 Who's Who's including WW in American Art
Barry showed expert competence with his mastery of Adobe Photoshop. He is able to clearly explain all important aspects of color correction to image manipulation & beyond in Photoshop. Alan Perrow
I learned a lot of new techniques. I'm no longer hesitant to use a lot of layers. Shannon McClure
I liked the level of instruction, willingness to do "one on one", and having time to do my own work. Kenda North
Barry's instruction is excellent, knowledgeable, organized and he is accessable. The workshop has great content, great instruction and helpful people in the class. Charlotte T emple
Instructor is a storehouse of knowledge and useful information. I liked the size of the class and personal attention. Jeff Blewett
Instructor is excellent, highly knowledgeable and approachable. I liked the flexibility to deal with questions and the interactions with other students. Dewey Hess
Instructor knows everything about everything regarding Photoshop for photographers. Incredible depth of experience and excellent photographer. I liked the intensiveness of the content, small size, comfortable setting, great location and scenery and nice people. Charles Davies
Instructor was very good and tailored to our needs. There was not much time wasted in this workshop plus there was plenty of time to apply learned techniques to my own images. James Weiss
Excellent instructor who knows how to make complicated things understandable. Always responsive to individual course participant's needs. I liked the workshop's focus on photography and printing, small class size and Barry's background in computer science plus his ability to solve numreiouus user related issues on the spot. Hart Kannegiesser
I liked the small group and the relaxed but intense information and pace. Working in the book before attending was also a crucial step. Jayne Jones
When you are pretty comfortable with a Photoshop topic and think you can use it pretty well, Barry ads another layer of knowledge! Also I think it's great Barry is willing to share the details of how he edits his stunning photos. It allows you to learn to "see" and understand how to enhance photos. Gertraud Gonzales
Barry clearly geared the pace and instructions to the level of the participants. Barry is obviously an expert in Photoshop without the usual expert attitude. Tom Ambrose
Barry worked us as a class and individually. He did this well and I could not ask more. The focus is on creating a master file, sharpened and printed. That's what I came for. Kevin Shea
Quotes from Photoshop Instructors: I teach online for The New School University in New York City so my students come from all over the States and all over the world. It's critical that I have a "text book" that students can follow easily. The "Artistry" book is the best book I have found to teach the intermediate to advanced courses. Students find the examples useful because they are "real-life" problems they will have to solve. An excellent book by authors who are willing to spend time answering your questions and emails afterwards! Marion Suro
I always look forward to tech editing Photoshop Artistry. As a contributing author for 7 books on Photoshop, a technical editor for over 12 books on Photoshop, a teacher of Photoshop, and a Photoshop user for over 10 years, I always learn a lot from Barry and Wendy. Artistry takes nothing about Photoshop at face value and reveals features and techniques that are not documented elsewhere. Gary Kubicek
Author, Editor, Teacher
Westminster, Maryland
Simply put Photoshop Artistry is the only book out there that does PS the way it should be done. Real stuff for real users! I hope you can keep offering updates, your texts have been the core of all our courses that have anything to do with images and the computer environment. I would be lost with out Artistry!"
Bill Woolston
Prof Photography,
School of Communication,
University of Idaho
Simply, Photoshop Artistry is a book that will open the full potential of Photoshop to the user. There are theoreticlal sections but the book is mainly concernd with a series of hands-on tutorials that will take you right around Photoshop amd make you a competent user; the book is always there for reference if you should need it! Ahmno "Himalaya CyberLink" Ahmno shoots in Khatmandu, and other interesting places and mentioned that a Buddist monastary in Khatmandu he was helping out had our book!
Just a line to say thanks and congratulations on the Photoshop Artistry book. A couple of years ago I hit an extended period of ill health which limited my mobility for a time. I turned to digital imaging to keep my mind active, bought a copy of your book (just about the only one anyone really needs) and have enjoyed hundreds of hours of fun ever since. I've recently had some images published in a number of British magazines - which is largely thanks to the excellent examples in 'Artistry'.
Quotes from Photographers:

No, we have never met--but hear me out.
I am an elderly retired physician who has been interested in photography forever, and was fortunate enough to have my own wet darkroom where I could escape from the problems of the world. Then came computers and Photoshop. My children gave me a computer on my eightieth birthday--and I wondered what I had done to them to make them that mad at me--not serious. Anyway I decided to learn Photoshop. There is no telling how many books I bought before I found yours, and immediately realized that your book was the mecca. Learning Photoshop to me was more difficult than learning anatomy--but I persisted, and I am still learning, for that is the beauty of both photography and medicine--there is always more to learn.
You have brought great pleasure into my life and I want to convey my most sincere appreciation for your book. I taught medical students and OB/GYN residents for years so I can appreciate the quality of teaching that you and your staff do. Its obvious that you are a gentle person with a love to impart your knowlege to others.

Thank you. Harry Ezell MD

Harry Ezell MD
  Thank you and your co-authors for writing Photoshop 7 Artistry. I'm having a ball with Mastering the Digital Image. It is giving new life to the 10,000 35mm chromes I've taken over the last 27 years. I now seem to have an almost inexhaustable library of image components. Nick Dantona
I've just discovered Photoshop 7 Artistry, highly recommended by my tutor. I'm a newbie, also trying to use my right brain for a change. I have all the equipment: I just need to use my mind and heart. Many thanks. I am in awe of what you are doing and find your "voice" in Photoshop 7 Artistry to be delightful. Stephen P. Herman, M.D.
I have both your 5.5 & PS 7 Artistry books and am now using PS 7 exclusively for my landscape and wildlife photography business. Your PS 7 book is by far the best and most used resource I own. Bravo!! Chuck Klingsporn
As a nature photographer I am particularly concerned with enhancing my photos without making artifical manipulations; this book has shown me the exquisite subtleties of photoshop that allow me to make the best print possible without altering the content of my image. My classmates at the Digital Darkroom class taught at Corcoran College for the Arts in Washington, D.C. range from graphic designers to art students, and we all agree that Photoshop 6 Artistry is truly a must-have book for photoshop users of all levels Cristina Mittermeier
We are using Photoshop 5 Artistry for our digital class here at Northern Kentucky University. It is a fountain of information that will serve students well long after the class is finished...I basically learned Photoshop via your first book, I don't think it's an exageration to say I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks. Barry Andersen
Professor of Art
Northern Kentucky University
I have a fairly large personal library of PS books and, for what it's worth, I think Photoshop 5 Artistry is one of the two best books currently available on the subject - anywhere!...You should be proud to have created such a superb product and such things do take a phenomenal effort.

PS. Just for info - I am the Hon. National Group Co-ordinator of the Digital Imaging Group of the Royal Photographic Society. (Basically, this means that I liase with and represent the interests of the UK Regional Groups of the RPS DIG on the National Executive Committee). Locally, I am on the Executive of the North and East Midlands Photographic Federation, which is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. (The organisation of all affiliated photographic clubs/societies in the UK) and Vice President of the Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society. (The largest in our region, est. 1892!). I lecture in DI to clubs across the UK and am a part time Lecturer in DI and Video Production at University level. Of late, I have had my snaps published in several national DI magazines and won the odd photo competition.
Bob Rowe ARPS
Just getting used to the new text version 4, and find it much improved, thanks for your work! i don't know how i would teach my class without it."..."I would hate not to have your text available for my classes. Jan Peterson Roddy,
Associate Professor
Dept. Cinema & Photography #6610
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 62901
Barry: We are anxiously awaiting Photoshop 5 Artistry! When will it be available? We use it as the primary text in our Intro to Digital Imaging course and love it. When I began using Photoshop 5, I went through each chapter to see if we would need to make any changes from procedures in the Artistry 4 book....Thanx again to you and Wendy for the great book. Stan Shire
Chair, Department of Photographic Imaging
Community College of Philadelphia
I just wanted to send you both a very big "Thank you" across the ocean for the wonderful book "Photoshop 4 Artistry".

I found the book in a Barns and Nobles bookstore in Poughkeepsie/NY while on a vacation trip. I immediately fell in love with your book and could barely wait to return to my home in Germany. In the meantime I started studying it and worked through most of the hands on examples. No trouble so fare, everything is nicely explained. And I have had so much fun and learned so much about Photoshop in such a short time.

I wish that in one of these days I could attend a real class that you teach
Joachim Hoegner, Sindelfingen Germany
P.S. I am an enthusiastic Leica photographer, have my own darkroom and still do all my printing. I retired from IBM six years ago, after working 28 year for them, mostly as a system programmer. Very often in the 60's and 70's, I visited San Jose and I do know the area a little bit where your family now lives. In fact, a friend of mine, whom I went to school with in Germany in the early 50's, lives on Bear Creek Road."

"To bring you up to date, I nowadays use Photoshop 5, and the only book I bought was Photoshop 5 Artistry. I always use it as a reference. The Artist keys are in my fingers when I work on my pictures, great! For me, your book is the only one I need. It has probably something to do with the fact, that I use a US Photoshop version, not the translated German version.
Joachim Hoegner

Did you ever pick up a book and here the authors' voice behind your ear and know you know the voice? Well that about describes how i met you two. I was looking for something beyond the classroom edition I had already worked through (ps-4) and to be honest for some days now i secretly hoped to meet some people to share this new adventure with. well ,there you were. Not just writing on the page but a real voice actually talking to me. I've started reading and i just needed to say how pleased i am.

Just a few details: i'm a computer professional, system architect andhave been doing serious nature photography for 5 years. (I have a background in film editing in a former life.) and I recently decided to extend my photo activities through a digital darkroom.

I greatly enjoyed visiting your site, it transpires the same warmth and good feeling i found in your book.
Milicska Jalbert
Montreal, Quebec
I rate your Photoshop 5 Artistry the best Photoshop book I have seen. Indeed it is kept beside my bed for every evening reading so good it is! Richard Kenward ABIPP
About a year ago I purchased your book "Photoshop 4 Artistry". I have worked through all of the tutorials and I have found the book to be a very valuable resource. My hobby is photography, and my background has been a traditional wet darkroom. Tom Wheeler
Your book is GREAT!! For a beginner in digital imaging but an experienced photographer, it has been unbelieveably helpful. VIC
Victor Smole
Quotes from Other Readers:
For a complete novice to the computer and Photoshop it is essential to study and learn by using the best material. Ph.5 Artistry is a book that appeals to the budding artist in that it immediately reveals the beauty of playing about with colour and form, giving your material its own unique expression. My field is in judging sighthounds and also providing people with a true - albeit optimized - (digital) photo of their great dog, which I have put through all the digital finesse of Photoshop and Illustrator. Ph.5 Artistry is phenomenal in helping me along from basics to advanced steps. Birgit Wamberg,
Fairway Whippets.Denmark.
Just a message to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Photoshop Artistry books (Version 3.0.5 and 4.0). I have been studying Photoshop for a little over a year now and your book has made all the difference in my understanding of the program. In short, I am having a blast....I hope to find a niche somewhere in the world of digital imaging and graphic design where I can use Photoshop professionally. I know if I am successful, your book will deserve much of the credit toward that goal. I anxiously await Photoshop Artistry for Version 5.0. Ann Birnie
Thank you again for turning out such a helpful book. I'm almost done with the color correction exercises and have already learned five times what I learned in a year of messing around with the program on my own...Not only did your book teach me what I needed to know about Photoshop, but I am constantly referring back to it to help me solve the day to day technical problems I encounter, and even find a creative solution or two! Claudia O'Keefe
I am enjoying your book Photoshop 5 Artistry very much - by far the best to help a newcomer to Photoshop. Petra Campbell
Canberra, Australia
To Barry and Wendy: I am finding you Photoshop 4 Artistry a valuable learning medium. Very comprehensive and instructive in level of detail and explanation. I am hoping that you will have an update for Photoshop 5. Any chance of that? J. Lipmanson
You have the best book on the market, Photoshop 5 Artistry. I have learned so much and am so grateful to you for creating such an informative, well-written manual. As I learn, I'll be thinking to myself, "Why did they do that?" and just like THAT, the book says, "You do that because..."

I have raved about it on the forums (Adobe) under a different name (privacy) and to anyone who will listen. I am doing the step-by-step projects, then re-doing them. It's like watching a "Law and Order" rerun, you catch some things the second time around you missed the first go around.

Am sending the link to the Adobe Forum where your book is mentioned (one of many instances). Many have heard of the book at the Forum and you have an audience like no other!...Still learning away with your great book! It's tedious to learn this way, but thorough. Cripes, I feel like I KNOW the McNamara's!!!"
Karen G.
I recently was provided with the book Photoshop 5 Artistry which I am most impressed with and will be of great use to myself. Although I reside in the U.K. I would be greatly interested on taking one of your courses..." Since reading and using your book it gave me the confidence to go out and get business, at least I knew I could refer to it if I had to.

Well, I have got so much business preparing artwork for packaging that I really have not the time to come on your course at the present, of course I realise that it is foolish not to come on the course and when things are more stable I will make the effort.

Your book gave me the confidence to take on work, one of the first jobs was to design sleeve packs for cordless power tools. First problem was the samples were in a blue colour and the final product was to be in yellow! Easy! Use the paint brush ----oops! lost the detail-------remember the car in the book------now we are on our way!

After reading and studying your book I now feel although I have to learn much more I am at a standard which is far higher than the average. - Thanks.
Malcolm Byrom
I have recently purchased your 'Photoshop 5 Artistry' Book and CD-ROM to familiarize myself with Photoshop 5 and learn the finer points of image manipulation. So far I have been very pleased with the high quality of the material presented and the excellent descriptions given Michael Niggel
I have read six of the most popular Photoshop books and without a doubt yours was the best. The detailed information and hands on approach of the lessons on the CD, which I could do at my own pace, was absolutely fabulous. As a matter of fact I read it three times and did not once feel that ANY of the information was wasted space. I learned more about actual hands on experience from your book than all of the other books combined and still refer to it whenever photoshop stumps me. Thank you very much for the book it's the only book I never lend to anyone but recommend to everyone. Randy Foster
I took some time off from wrestling with a tricky HSL problem and went to my local bookstore for a break. I found your Photoshop artistry book and was very impressed. A really nice job--in both the informative writing and in the graphic design and production of the book. Steven Gordon
I have never written to people about their books but am very moved to do so now about Photoshop 4 Artistry. BRAVO to wonderful work!!! It has de-mystified Photoshop for me.I have returned to graphic design after 10 years in printing sales. The digital revolution happened during those 10 years and I learned the pre-press/printing press side of it. I quit to return to design recently and have read multiple photoshop books all leaving me lost in space. Then, I found your book an piece by piece it is all fitting together,beginning with images, illustrating so beautifully what printing sales reps wish their client understoo about pre-press and the printing press. Fabulous. It is all one story, not one scenario for designers and another for printing professionals. It's all one!!! I am recommending to my former employer/commercial printing company,they spread the word about your book to designer/clients. It bridges the gap so beautifully. Thank you for your book Sylvia Torres
I have just received a review copy of Photoshop 5 Artistry. Wonderful book, it will get my highest rating. Karl-Peter Gottschalk

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