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Digital Printmaking with Kayak or Outdoor Photography
(spend time and learn with Barry as you enjoy the outdoors, your camera and Photoshop)

WITH BARRY HAYNES using Photoshop CS3 or CS4 on your portable computer. GIBSONS, B.C., CANADA

This workshop will focus on new and advanced techniques and also allows students to bring their more difficult images and special problems for Barry to help them solve. We also plan to spend some time outside and/or on the water with our cameras. If you've taken the Digital Printmaking for Photographers workshop and want more and/or an update course, this is a good one for you. If you've taken a Photoshop course elsewhere and you know it already but want to improve and/or customize your skills, this workshop will help you. Bring any images you've been having trouble with and Barry will help you make great prints from them. See the text below for more details of what this workshop typically covers.

This workshop will also include some great shooting sessions on the beautiful sunshine coast in B.C. We have planned these workshops during weeks when there are especially low tides to make the shooting sessions extra special. Also come to this workshop, or call to arrange your own course dates, if you are a small group and want to get away for a week of great photography, exercise, fun and instruction on how to create beautiful prints of your images.

Hiking Mount Daniels in Pender Harbour, Sunshine Coast (more images of this hike)

The Hiking version of the workshop will focus on low tide shoots and local hikes to places Barry has checked out to make sure there are lots of great subjects to photograph. Depending on the weather, we may drive to Egmont, for example, and take the one hour each way Skookumchuck rapids trail. This trail goes through beautiful woods with many mushrooms, ferns, snails, cedar trees, a like and finally delivers your to world famous Skookumchuck rapids where you'll witness one of the largest tide changes in the world and hopefully see world class kayakers traverse the rapids. At low tide here there is also an abundance of sea life to photograph including star fish, kelp, sea ananomies, hermit crabs, crabs, etc. We often see some eagles and a seal or two as well! Some other great hikes are up mount Daniels or Soames hill both of which offer great vistas and also wonderful detail shots of the forest!

Wendy Kayaking in Howe Sound Near Gibsons, Sunshine Coast (more Paddling images)

In the Kayaking version of this workshop, we'll Kayak to local beautiful sites that Barry has been to before. From Gibsons we can paddle to Keats and Pasley islands where we'll usually find seals, eagles, private islands and sometimes otters. Driving a bit north, we could explore Smuggler Cove, Thormanby and Trail islands and also Pender Harbour. If you are new to Kayaking, arrange with Barry to set up a introductory course for you before the workshop begins with Sunshine Kayaking in Gibsons. Unless you have your own kayak, you will be renting kayaks from Sunshine Kayaking, or another Sunshine Coast rental location, for your outings. The cost of kayak rentals (~$35 per day) or an introductory kayaking course (~$60) is not included in the workshop fee.

It is best to bring a digital camera for the shooting sessions if you intend to use those images in this workshop. This will also allow Barry to give you advice on your digital camera setup and usage along with Bridge, Lightroom and Camera Raw tips. For kayak outings, we'll get you a dry bag to hold your digital camera while in the kayak. Barry shoots from kayak with his Canon digital rebel XTi. It's in the dry bag unless he pulls it out for a shot which he does when the water is calm. Any electronic equipment you plan to bring in the kayak, like your GPS, IPod or cell phone, needs to have a sealed plastic bag to hold it when not in use.

The Exact Topics Covered in a particular workshop will depend on the students who make up that workshop, their experience level and the areas where they want to get more Photoshop and printing knowledge. Typical topics we may review and/or go through in depth include:

Camera Stuff: (What Camera and Lenses do you really need?, Shooting in Raw Mode, Shutter Speed/F-Stop Choices and Depth of Field, Bracketing Exposures, Lense Choices, Megapixels verses Print Size and Image Quality, When to use a Tripod, Stopping Motion, Panning, Camera Histogram Display, Depth of Field Preview, Shooting for Panoramas or HDR composites, etc.)

Photoshop Stuff: (Optimum Photoshop Preferences, Menu and Navigation setup, Tools Photographers Need to Know verses Don't Need to Know, Selections and Channels verses Masks and Layers, Using Adjustment Layers, Optimum Photoshop Workflow for colour (spelled color in the US and colour in brain is tormented by this, which causes a lack on consistency) vs Blank-and-White workflow, Transforming, Scaling and Warping images, When and What to Correct in Photoshop vs Camera Raw, Automating Photoshop with Actions and Batch Processing, Masking, Burning and Dodging, Spotting, Removing Noise, Sharpening Techniques, Which Color Correction Tools to use and when, Color Spaces, Calibration and Management, Saturating Colors, Opening Shadows, Improving Highlight Detail, Tweaking Midtone Contrast, Studying Specific Image Situations, Compositing Multiple Images, Portait Compositing, Commercial Compositing, Using Photoshop Blend Modes and Calculations, Optimizing Images for the Web, and More)

Bridge or Lightroom Stuff: (Bridge, Lightroom or Camera Raw Preferences, Organizing, Rating and Sorting Thousands of Images, Adding Copyright and Contact info to Your Images, Doing Quick Corrections with Camera Raw, Changing Your Camera's Default Raw Values, Automatically Creating Contact Sheets and Web Sites from Groups of Images, Understanding XMP files and Bridge/Lightroom Databases, Other ?s)

The workshop fee includes your letter size test prints and two 24" wide final Epson prints per student. Below is a typical workshop schedule although your workshop will vary depending on the students who show up, the weather and the desires of the particular group.

If you are taking a workshop that includes kayaking, you may want to take a basic kayaking class the day or weekend before the workshop begins. Please discuss this with Barry.

FIRST DAY 9:00-5:00 (lunch in the middle)
Morning Photoshop/printing classroom session, establish desires and skill levels of students
Advanced Color Correction Workflow and Techniques
Walk to lunch in Gibsons
Afternoon photography classroom session
Photoshop Printmaking
Working on your Images
Dinner or Evening Shoot

Students Kayaking Sechelt Inlet during Sept. 2008 Workshop (more of Sechelt Inlet)

SECOND DAY sunrise-dark all day photo trip on the Sunshine Coast. This will be a driving/hiking or kayaking photo trip including water, beach, sea life, harbor, forest and other scenic areas on the sunshine coast. We would go sea kayaking if this is a kayaking workshop. The hours of the shoot will depend on destination, weather and tides but generally plan on being out all day this day. The day or days we actually shoot could depend on the weather and the makeup of the particular group in this workshop. Shooting early in the workshop allows Barry to help you use those images to learn techniques for sorting, archiving and more quickly processing your raw digital files using Bridge or Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw. We usually do final color correction, before printing, using Photoshop CS3 or CS4.

THIRD DAY 9:00-5:00(lunch in the middle)
Morning Photoshop/printing classroom session
Advanced Masking Techniques
Walk to lunch in Gibsons
Afternoon photography classroom session
Discuss Student Preferred Topics from List Above
Photoshop Printmaking
Tips for using Photoshop CS3 or CS4 Digital Raw filter
Review/sort&critique of images from 2nd day photo trip
Working on your Images
Dinner or Evening Shoot

Barry's "Beach Slippers" Image Taken During a Workshop Beach Outing (more Bonniebrook Beach)

FOURTH DAY 9:00-5:00(lunch in the middle)+7:30-9:30PM(to work on prints)
Possible Early morning or afternoon photo trip
Photoshop/printing classroom session
Lunch in Gibsons
Afternoon Photoshop/printing classroom session
Discuss Calibration Issues or Other Topics from List Above
Working on your Images
Dinner from 5-7:30
Work on Prints up till 9:30 PM

FIFTH DAY 9:00-5:00
Advanced Sharpening and Noise Reduction Techniques
Photography wrap-up classroom session/make prints
Lunch in Gibsons
Discuss Student Preferred Topics from List Above
Afternoon Photoshop/printing wrap-up classroom session
Package prints to adjourn the workshop at 5:00 PM


Our location is in Gibsons, B.C., in Canada's "Sunshine Coast" north of Vancouver. See for more info about this great area.

Here are some other Areas of the Sunshine Coast we can explore in your workshop:

See More Images of the Pasley Islands

Fall Colours in Gibsons

Blue Heron at Davis Bay, see more of this area

The Pender Harbour Area, kayaker's and hiker's wonderland

Awesome Halfmoon Bay Area

Hike or Paddle Trout Lake

Fun in Gibsons

Five-day workshops cost $995 (Canadian) if you pay 30 days in advance. Last minute registration within 29 days of a workshop is $1,195 for the 5-day. Five day workshops require at least 3 students, but anyone can pay extra for individual or small group instruction. These workshops can also be run at your desired times, provided you arrange for the minimum number of students or pay the equivalent fee for you or your small group. To sign up, call 604-886-2214 (or 1999) with credit card info or mail a check to: Barry Haynes, P.O. Box 1748, 547 Sargent Rd. Gibsons, BC, V0N 1V0, Canada.

See Quotes from Previous Students

More Registration and Travel Information

If you have any questions or comments about
Photography and Advanced Digital Printmaking please e-mail
or call us at 604-886-2214.