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Addressing Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3 and
Bridge CS2 or CS3 Issues for Photographers
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December 05 30 Minutes Creating and Improving Grayscale Images Using the BarrysGrayscaleOptions Action,
  • how to install and use the BarrysGrayscaleOptions action
  • allows you to understand and combine the best ways to create a grayscale image from color
  • gives you a framework for improving your grayscale image to make a fine black-and-white print
  • not included in the $60 bundle price available for the other 5 videos below
November 05 60 Minutes Bridge Workflow for Archiving, Sorting and Processing Camera Raw Files
  • how to manage digital camera shoots and extended trips with digital equipment
  • efficiently copy and archive your digital files
  • quickly rate and sort hundreds or thousands of images using Bridge
November 05 40 minutes Bridge Workflow for Automating the Color Correction of Camara Raw File Shoots
  • default Camera Raw settings for final correction
  • what to do in Camera Raw verses what to do in Photoshop CS2
  • using Bridge and Camera Raw to quickly move settings from one image to many similar images
  • creating a Photoshop CS2 action then applying action that to a large group of images
  • Setting up Artistry Photography Menus

The above three videos are newer than the three below and use the new Artistry Photography Menus
This set of menus removes menu items that most Photographers don't use and makes Photoshop CS2 more efficient. To try these out for free, just click on the Artistry Photography Menus link above then put the ArtistryPhotographyMenus.mnu file, which you'll download, in the Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2/Presets/Menu Customization folder before starting up Photoshop. Then start Photoshop, choose Edit/Menus, pick ArtistryPhotographyMenus from the Set popup menu and choose OK. To return to the default menus, choose Edit/Menus and pick Photoshop Defaults from the Set popup menu. Enjoy!

Summer 05 60 minutes CS2CameraRawAndColorCorWorkflow
  • color correction workflow initially using Bridge with CS2 Camera Raw then Photoshop CS2 for final color correction and print preparation
  • Raw then Photoshop overall and specific color correction with Adjustment Layers, masks and sharpening
Summer 05 60 minutes CSMatchingMonitorToPrinter
  • workflow to get the colors you want from your printer
  • how to match that printer output to your monitor
  • helps you make sure you are using the correct print dialogs with Photoshop CS and your Epson printer. Uses Photoshop CS.
Summer 05 50 minutes PhotoshopCS2AndBridgePrefs
  • how to set up your Photoshop CS2 and Bridge preferences
  • for use with Photoshop CS Artistry and Photoshop CS2 Artistry books

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New Offer as of Feb 2006: If you'd like us to mail you a CD with all the videos on it, please mail us a check for $60 (either US or Canadian) to:

Barry Haynes, Box 1748, 547 Sargent, Gibsons, B.C. V0N 1V0, Canada


Click on CameraRawSmarrtObjects below to download and try our free 8 minute video that shows you how to embed Camera Raw files into Photoshop CS2 layers as Smart Objects. This is a great new feature of Photoshop CS2.

If this video works on your computer, then the ones you pay for should also work.


Click and hold on the above CameraRawSmartObjects link then you'll get the option "Download Link to Disk". This option asks you where to save the video on your hard disk. After saving it, you can then play it with Quicktime, which comes with the Mac.


Same as Explorer above but the option there is called "Save Link Target As".


Click on the above CameraRawSmartObjects and it will begin playing within a window. When it has finished playing (and/or downloading) you can then click and hold down the mouse button on the middle of the window where it played then you'll get the option named "Save as Quicktime Movie" in a pop-up menu allowing you to save the file. It can then be played again using Quicktime.
Mac users have had no problems downloading and playing any of these videos!



Use the right mouse button to click on the above CameraRawSmartObjects then choose the "Save Target As" option to save this file on your desktop or in a known location. You can then hopefully play it using Quicktime 7 or Windows Media Player 10.

If you can't play the test video on your PC, click here to see how to upgrade your PC so it will more likely play. Getting Videos to Play on Your PC.

Photoshop CS2 Artistry is our 10th anniversary edition.

This special edition is redisigned and full of new material.


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