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Photoshop Artistry: for Photographers using Photoshop CS2 and Beyond is our 10th anniversary edition (10 years since Photoshop Artistry was first published in 1995 and the 8th edition of our Artistry books). For this special edition we did a new design and format and created lots of new material. This is by far the best edition of Photoshop Artistry yet and it is now available. You can pick up a signed copy of this from our gallery at 459 Marine Dr. in Gibsons, BC. Otherwise, please order this from or from or get it at Borders or Barnes and Noble book stores. Shipping books from our studio in B.C. Canada is not cost effective.

Also, check the Videos section for our training videos. These videos provide additional information and a different way to learn that is not in any Artistry book. We see our Making the Digital Print videos, along with our Photoshop Artistry books as providing a more complete learning experience. Please try them out and e-mail any comments you have to

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