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EdsBoatSil3888USM3f76#2635A CRW_3722 CRW_3940 CRW_4053
* Skookum Kalitan 2006 Sechelt Inlet Egmont 2006, Pulling Together Drumming * Sole Entry, 2006 Sechelt Inlet Poise Island Talk, Sechelt Inlet
Canoe3893USMLyrs CRW_4006 CRW_3640 CRW_3964
* Pulling Together, 2006 Sechelt Inlet Sechelt Inlet Lunch Egmont Supper and Drumming Circle of Eagles Single Log Canoe, Squamish
CRW_3990 CRW_4075 CRW_4022 CRW_4103
Sechelt Canoe Circle, Pulling Together 2006 Arriving at Sechelt, Pulling Together 2006 Squamish Canoe on Sechelt Inlet Arriving in Gibsons, Pulling Together 2006
CRW_4110 CRW_4123 _MG_1014 CRW_5351
Gibsons Harbour Arrival, 2006 Pulling Together 2006 Gibsons Harbour Permission to Land Ceremony, Gibsons Pulling Together 2008 First Youth Pulling Together, 2006 Gibsons