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KayaksOnBeach4125RecUSM _MG_4108 _MG_4103 _MG_4124 (1)
* One Hour Paddle from Gibsons From Keats Island over to Pasleys Seal, Otter, Bird Party Steve has Landed, Pasley Islands
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Pasley Island Paradise Keats Island in Background Keats and Mt. Elphinstone in Background Seals on Pasley Islands
_MG_5490 _MG_5512 _MG_5519 _MG_5520
Seals looking at Me Curious Seals Seals Getting in Water Get Away Human!
_MG_5522 _MG_5524 _MG_5525 _MG_5635
They're Coming to Check Me Out Seals in Water all Around Us Seal Sunning Hangout We See and Eagle on the Rock