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Hello Friends and Photographers,

I'm Barry Haynes a father, husband, photographer, and lover of the outdoors and beautiful places. I've written 8 advanced "Photoshop Artistry" books for photographers, created software for Apple for 10 years, and taught photography and photoshop for 20 years all around north america. Now I'm 56 and live in Gibsons, BC, Canada because it's beautiful by the sea for my "Spirit of Place" photography gallery. I like to hike, kayak, snowshoe, and explore British Columbia with my camera. You can join me in a workshop here! Bring your camera and portable computer with Photoshop and we'll make some awesome prints of your images.

This web site has many galleries of different places I've traveled. Thumbnails that represent an entire gallery have a "<" to the left of them. Images that I've printed have a * (star) to the left of them and you can see those prints in my Spirit of Place gallery. The process of creating a gallery image often involves me working on that image for an entire day, or longer, many Photoshop layers and masks, and usually several printed proofs. See "How Barry Makes His Prints" for more details of this process.

There are hundreds of images on this site, some final printed gallery images, with a * to the left of them, and many that I haven't done final printing on yet. The images with no * to the left of their name, were just color corrected by the camera raw filter. They are there to show you more about the places I've photographed and/or in case you want a print, or usage of some of those images in your publication. If you need a previously unprinted image, I'll spend more time in Photoshop on that image for you. For publications, I'll generate the CMYK version of each image at the size you need. Since I've created all the CMYK files for 8 full colour Photoshop books, and many magazine publications, my CMYK images look very good. If you just want to view my final printed gallery images, click on "View Final Gallery Images Only" at the top-left of my home page.

Please enter my site and check out my Image Galleries, Photography Workshops, Books, Articles and Training Videos. Have fun and hope to meet you one day!


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